Scott Monroe is the main protagonist of the first Red Steel game. He is an American bodyguard working for Miyu Sato, the daughter of an influential yakuza leader.


The game begins with Scott and Miyu being engaged, as they are about to meet Miyu's father in a hotel in L.A. .


Not much is actually made known by the game about Scott's personality. However, during the first screenshot scene of the game, it is mentioned by Miyu that the first time Scott met her as her bodyguard, he called her a spoiled brat, and told her : "I'm hired to protect you, nothing more. You shouldn't expect any personal sympathy 'cause as a bodyguard it makes my job easier not to be friends with the client", although he ended up being in love with her. It can thus be said that Scott, like most of the stereotypical strong American heroes, seems to be cold and indifferent, but in reality, he is not that insensitive at all.

He is also shown to be reliable and helpful toward those in need (Isao Sato, members of the Sanro Kai, Otori's students...) : though he only thinks of saving Miyu from Tokai's men, he doesn't hesitate to help other Japanese who are in danger.

The rest of Scott's personality is interactively defined by the player :

- if he spares his enemies after beating them in saber duel, he is not only helpful and honorable, but also respectful to their lives ;

- otherwise, if he finishes them off, then he's generous toward his allies but merciless toward his foes.

We can also assume Scott has a strong will : his love for Miyu leads him to get involved into a serious matter of yakuza war, which is normally none of a stranger's concern.