"I'm gonna cut your throat with your own katana! Ain't that poetic?"

- Payne to The Hero in Red Steel 2

Payne is the leader of the Jackals, and one of the major antagonists in Red Steel 2.

In Red Steel 2Edit

Payne is the person riding the motorcycle that drags The Hero around in the intro movie. He also is the one who stole The Hero's Sora Katana. During his boss fight, you are able to get the Sora Katana back. After the battle, Payne is knocked to the edge of the building and holds on desperately. He is stabbed in the hand by The Hero before he fell to be interrogated. After he reveals who killed the remaining Kusagari members (Shinjiro), The Hero watches him fall to his death as he shouts vicious threats. He wields one of the guns that is given in the pre-order edition.