RS2 Splash OKAJI
Okaji is a samurai who appears in Red Steel 2. He is the leader of the dreaded Katakara Clan and is hired by Shinjiro to assassinate The Hero. According to Judd, Okaji has a bounty placed on him in over 38 different territories.


Okaji wears several layers of thick, bulky body armour which can destroyed via powerful sword swings. He wears a golden mask which hides his gruesome, scarred face. He carries an enormous, powerful long sword. Due to his bulky armour and weapon, Okaji moves very slow in battle but possesses incredible strength.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Okaji possesses the power to repair his armour. He does this by slamming his sword into the ground and surrounding himself in a shield of electricity. A group of T-58 robots surround him and feed electrical power into his body, recreating his armour. Shooting the robots as they power Okaji will abruptly end this process. Okaji can also create flaming shockwaves which will knock opponents down temporarily. He possesses incredible strength and durability in battle, and is a threatening foe. Perhaps his most disturbing ability is the power to come back from the dead.

Battles and DeathEdit

The Hero first encounters Okaji in Rattlesnake Canyon. After killing several Katakara soldiers, Okaji comes in to fight The Hero himself. They engage in a violent duel in which The Hero is victorious. However, when The Hero leaves Okaji's corpse to rot, it reanimates and he is resurrected.

The Hero encounters Okaji again at a Katakara Temple before fighting Shinjiro. They engage in another violent duel which results in Okaji pouncing on The Hero, knocking them both off a nearby cliff. The Hero grabs onto a nearby crane and watches Okaji attempts to reach him from the hanging crate. The Hero cuts the wire, leaving Okaji to fall to his presumed death.