Red steel2 ninja
The Ninja are group of powerful and mysterious assassins found during the later levels of Red Steel 2. All ninjas have the ability to telport behind the player or at a different point in a fighting arena. There are four types of Ninja shown throughout the game. Their masks protect them from toxic gas, as shown in the mine.

Low Ninja
These ninjas wield two katanas in each hand. Since they do not wield a firearm, they can only engage in close quarters combat.

Elite Ninja
Elite Ninjas carry a handgun in one hand while having a claw-like weapon in the other. This type of ninja is far more dangerous than the Low Ninja, as they are capable of both long and short range combat.

Gold Ninja
Gold Ninjas are similar in appearance compared to a Low Ninja or an Elite Ninja, with the exception of gold plated armor rather than the standard silver. It is unsure if this type of Ninja is superior to Elite Ninjas since their armor is a different color or if it means nothing at all. Possibly, the Gold Ninja is much more durable than their variants.

Ninja Thief
These ninjas carry two claw-like weapons in each hand. During a fight, they will try to knock the player's sword out of their hand. This forces the player to either dodge or use guns until they are able to retrieve their sword.

Guan Dao Ninja
A tall ninja who fights bare chested only wearing boots, a mask, and pants. He fights with a large spear-like weapon, which is a rod with a blade at each end (the blades are approximately 60 centimeters long). The weapon itself is around 2.50. They are very difficult to hit with firearms, although using The Bear causes them to thrust their blade into the ground and climb on the top of their weapon, leaving them vulnerable and allowing the player to shoot at them for a few seconds. They attack by spinning their blade, which makes them invulnerable to firearms and the katana. A signature technique they use is simillar to The Bear, which features a similar effect. They do so by slamming their fist onto the ground. Attacks also include normal thrust and slash. They will also grab the player and slash if at pont-blank range. Another attack involves stabbing the ground, then lifting their body on the weapon and doing a frontflip, slashing the hero vertically.